someone in the rear of the hall

metal and fabric (2,5 x 2m), four digital prints A1

Installation views Tiroler Kunstpavillon, Innsbruck (AT)

within the group exhibition Collectivity Matters

In her contribution entitled someone in the rear of the hall Dominique Hurth investigates the potential for change in the positioning of a curtain within the space by quoting its haptic manifestation on the basis of her own collection of early photographic stagings of séances. She calls upon the potential voice that might intervene by speaking behind the curtain, a curtain that functions as a filter, a backdrop, division, split, separation or simply as decor, that is in the process of opening, hiding or simulating something. In the context of the exhibition Collectivity Matters Hurth’s interest in this object refers to ancient forms of oral teaching. Accordingly, the person who has knowledge speaks from behind the curtain to a group of listeners who hear this voice, but cannot recognise its cause or origin and therefore constitute only a passive audience. This circumstance finds a certain analogy in the settings of the séance or the white cube: in two strictly controlled environments, where things can be attributed to a voice – or not, as the case may be.

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