language in the darkness of the world through inverse images

The sound of the projector.

A click.



Fields of color.

One after the other.

Mechanical,     right,     correct     and in rhythm

until the light bulb burns out


Flipping through her personal archive, Dominique Hurth investigates in  language in the darkness of the world through inverse images historical events and their medial representation, their imprint in the eyes and the voice, and their inherent presence in one’s personal memory.

The subjective voice of the editor accompanies a capture of images and their captions , an iconographical data base for a dreambook of history, where the sound of a piano meets Edison, France Gall, Orwell or Pavlov. This same sound resonates in the syntax of the book that operates through its physical manifestation and the multiple directions of the reading itself, oscillating between visual and textual vocabularies. Underlined by the texture and materiality of the images, the missing comma becomes marker for Hurth’s non-linear thread of narration.

2012, English, 224 pp, 16 x 24cm

Handbound limited and numbered edition of 100.

Printed on Risograph, softcover and dustjacket on Offset

Published by the Jan Van Eyck Academie, Maastricht, NL and Dominique Hurth, 2012