Scriptings #26

Voix-off:   ... et de nous il s'en fout pas mal le langage 
Off-Stimme: ... aber wir sind der Sprache scheißegal 

Placing things like gestures in space. Arranging things with hands, bringing them together for a time: in the dilapidated Parisian shops in Les Halles that are desperately trying to make their façades presentable again, I find a correspondence in a library: “I received your letter . . . read it again and again, dear friend, signed Fernand Deligny, November 16, 1968.” And the title of films I had shamefully never heard of: Ce gamin-là and Le Moindre Geste. The slightest gesture. The lesser gesture. That’s right, that’s actually how it should be when we, you, I, make things — preserving, discovering, guiding the slightest, lesser, smallest, indescribable, cautious, most nondescriptible gestures. Looking further — a large, beautiful book, printed in French on extremely thin paper; this is what there is of the author. Not so much in German, of course: from Merve, a volume from the seventies, “Ein Floss in den Bergen". I talked to T., who is running Merve now, if there is a chance to re-publish parts of the book within my Scriptings series. He agreed spontaneously. But since our first talk a professional "publisher" came up with the same idea. Good so! But still ... still the VOIX-OFF OF DELIGNY caught me like some first sentences in books can do. So I asked Dominique and we started working, cautiously translating into German the voice-over of Ce gamin-là, like real amateurs would do: attached to it without pay or training, pure amateurs, lovers of ... 

A translation by Dominique Hurth and Achim Lengerer.

The instant publishing magazine Scriptings invites artists, writers, graphic-designers, performers as well as publishers — all of which are working with the formats of “script” and “text” within their processes of production. The use of “script” or “text” does not necessarily head towards the final production of printed matters, but might result in the production of a movie, drawing, performance or object generated through processes of reading, writing or verbal utterance. The presentations consist of live events (talk, discussion, reading, display, performance) as well as the instant publishing of the magazine. Scriptings is edited by the artist Achim Lengerer. 
Scriptings#26 is kindly supported by Künstlerhaus Büchsenhausen, AT.

From left to right:
installation views, Archive Books, Berlin 28.02 - 05.03.2012
Scriptings #26, A4, 20 pages, digital print, 2012 with insert by Achim Lengerer