the viewing at the same in perspective

In her solo exhibition the viewing at the same in perspective, Dominique Hurth investigates the possible narrative enclosed in a particular form in space. From the oscillation of perspectives offered by a viewing device that manually shifted from a paper sketch from the 1930s into a three-dimensional replica, she questions the multiplication of images given by the sculpture, and the autonomy of the displayed artefact in relation to its caption. Avant-gardist iconography and modernist exhibition displays by architect and designer Herbert Bayer are being actualised by the passing of a form into the reader’s eye: the investigation in words (text and material) of the grey area behind the reference.


At 2pm on October 22nd, she will suggest a reading of images and their captions from the MOMA Archive, sketches by Herbert Bayer and her own archive as accompanied by the subjective voice of personal narratives, under the title “fog grey sea, or mist green, sun-silver water or storm salt”.

top: Exhibition views of «drawing ‘inclusive picture of all possibilities» at Bloc Projects, Sheffield (UK), 07-22.10.2011

bottom: «a reading of three movements of the same in perspective», self-published edition of 150 (8 pages, 1 color, printed on risograph), 2011