Un Cop d’Ull

Un Cop d’Ull manifests itself in the format of installation, expanding but yet not illustrating the original work in the publication format.

Installation view (four vitrines): BLACK OUT, Liverpool Photography Biennale, 2013

A plaster cast of the face of an unknown suicide who became known as « L’Inconnue de la Seine », was reprocued by the thousands at the turn of the last century and captured the imagination of a vast, fascinated public. Un cop d’ull in Catalan refers to un coup d’œil (French), literally « an eye’s knock », or « a stroke of an eye ». The work Un Cop d’Ull asks how and what we perceive in the image, through a number of different recording technologies – photography, photocopy, text and a wax cylinder, modelled on the nineteenth-century anthropological method for recording the voice. It is an attempt « to capture the imprint of objects and images into one’s cultural memory, devoid of location or placement » (DH). Hurth wanders at the edges of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, subjectively reading three images and offering a glimpse of a created object.

The gaze threads from a smile, to an eye, towards a voice, in the backdrop of representation and mechanical reproduction.

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