Un Cop d’Ull

Un Cop d’Ull (in Catalan) refers to un coup d’œil (in French), literally an eye’s knock, a stroke of the eye.

Three rolls of black and white film, a prism and filters.
Un Cop d’Ull Dominique Hurth wanders at the edges of the 19th and 20th centuries, subjectively reading three images and offering a glimpse at a created object.

The gaze threads from a smile, to an eye, towards a voice, in the backdrop of representation and mechanical reproduction, in an attempt in Hurth’s own words to capture the imprint of objects and images into one’s cultural memory, devoid of location or placement. The subjective non-linear investigation takes places in a free movement between text, image and object, in the manipulation by the reader of those three elements as an echo for the three characters moving within the margins. 

Edition of 100, offset and inkjet, 12pages, 2012

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