In her site-specific installation, Dominique Hurth deals with the architecture of the Neuer Kunstverein Gießen. The starting point is the kiosk's natural stone façade and the building's date of origin: built in 1937, one year after the publication of Ernst Neufert's Bauentwurfslehre (a manual on architecture that is still considered an international standard work). In a 22-metre-long architectural drawing on fabric, a light installation and a publication, the artist questions the problematic history of standardisation and rationalisation of architectural buildings, and sharpens the eye for details that don't quite fit when it comes to architecture. In doing so, she makes it possible to cast new perspectives on what deviates from the expected norm.

Normengenau, Wohlproportioniert, Feingegliedert
(Accurate to standards, well-proportioned,
finely structured) 

Architectural drawing printed on fabric (22 x 2m); light installation (cable-binders, 3 damp-proof lamps, cables), 1 digital print (DIN A0)
1 publication (newspaper print in an edition of 250, English, tabloid size, 4pp, with German translation as insert (DIN A4))