"I was born in 1952 on Kungsgatan 29A, in an apartment directly above the entrance where my parents moved in 1944. After that, they moved to a two-room apartment, then a three-room apartment straight across the same flight of stairs, with windows facing the courtyard and Ehrensvärdsgatan. In 1965, we moved to Döbelnsgatan 8, where my grandmother was already living on the 5th floor. We moved to the 3rd floor. I lived there until I was 19 years old. My brother, who was five years older, had by then moved to Lund and left behind a small apartment in the building at Kungsgatan 27A, which was just a room with a toilet and a wardrobe." excerpt from interview with tenant Christian Kindblad for exhibition handout.

The third and final part of the exhibition dwellings taking place in the residential building of Malmgården, presents a sculptural installation by Jørn Aagaard/Marius Engh in the stairwell of Döbelnsgatan 4, as well as a series of textile works by Dominique Hurth, exhibited in different parts of the building area.

In the installation Variations (gestures, tones and schemes), Dominique Hurth focuses on the original color charts used in the construction of Malmgården. These color schemes, 
which are recurring throughout the building – in living spaces, kitchens, stairwells and on the facades – have again been used in recent renovations and restorations of the building. In their presentation, the textile works bear comparison to flags or folded garments which have been installed in dialogue with existing functional attributes in, amongst other spaces, the drying and mangling rooms. Through the works’ format as well as their placements, Hurth highlights the building’s history in relation to the friction between conservation and renovation, where the individualisation of collective housing projects play an essential role.

Variations (gestures, tones and schemes)
8 prints on textile, each 100 x 300cm
dimension variable

Conceived for:
dwellings #3
Canopy, Malmö, Sweden
June 18th - July 3rd, 2022

Photos: Mariella Ottoson