In this installation, Dominique Hurth reconstructs and intertwines historical moments of the IG Metall building built by E. Mendelsohn in Berlin, 1929. Focusing her attention and making on a replica of the handrail from the building’s staircase (using the dynamics and diametre from the same staircase), this piece thematises archival gaps on the building’s occupation and the union’s ban on May 2nd 1933, as well as material tension and object biography.

The title originates from a letter written by Mendelsohn to his wife, describing the Berlin’s sky early January 1933, that can also be seen as a metaphor to the political situation that led to professional ban, persecution and eventually emigration.
denn hier ist es grau zu grau
(Because here it is grey to grey)
print on fabric, iron, steel, brass, concrete
dimension variable
See installation at IG Metall, 2019
Installation views: Monuments. curated by Espen Johansen, 100th anniversary of Vestlandutstillingen
On view throughout 2022 at:
Haugesund Billedgalleri, Haugesund (11.02-13.03.2022)
Kunstmuseet Kube, Alesund (25.03-24.04.2022)
Kunsthuset Kabuso, Øystese (07.05-05.06.2022)
Rogaland Art Centre, Stavanger (17.06-14.08.2022)
Sunnfjord Kunstlag, Førde (27.08-25.09.2022) Kunstgarasjen, Bergen (07.10-06.11.2022)

Photos: Maya Økland