Entitled "Mixtape", this catalogue brings together works by Dominique Hurth from 2008 to 2020. It comprises one text booklet with contributions by Daniela Cascella, Sonja Lau and the artist herself; one image booklet with 136 images from installation shots of Hurth's work and one audio-tape (45-min each side) with recordings, music and sound material inherent to the research behind the works. The chosen format reflects on her interest in object-biography, technology and its history.

Each of the booklet (96pp each; 6,9 x 10,9 cm) was printed on offset (4c + Pantone, Munken paper) by Gallery Print (Berlin). The tapes were produced by T.A.P.E Muzik (Leipzig), with a pad-printing in gold on the tape.
Edition of 300.
With the kind support of the Berliner Senate for Culture - Katalogförderung).

Design: Indre Klimaite, Klimaite Klimaite
Texts: Daniela Cascella, Sonja Lau, Dominique Hurth
Copy-editing: R Aslan; Colour Grading: Dante Busquets; Sound End-Editing: Jo Zahn

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