On semble y lire ce que l’on entend à peine is a sculptural ensemble proposed for the public art commission for IMT Paris (1% public art commission), a new university building in Paris-Palaiseau. IMT Paris is a cluster of university focusing on tele-communication and data technologies on the engineering level.

Together with designer Gunnar Green (TheGreenEyl), we proposed an ensemble for the main hall of the building focusing on the notion of noise.
Looking at several archival images of the school, we investigated the notion of visual noise and digital noise that gathers information and that are necessary for any transfer of knowledge.

The sculpture on which the students and visitors can sit is made of Jacquard woven fabric on which noise is programmed. The noise represents an ocean of ether, on which historical and future voices around tele-communication can be heard.
Merging popular cultures (music and litterature) with science and technology, Victor Hugo, Michel Polnareff, Sarah Bernhardt, Marie Curie, Beckett, Henry Lamarr a.o. create this ocean of references on which one can read, meet or sit individually or collectivelly. The noise is accompanied by its visual spectrum throughout the building.

We finished 2nd on the competition.

on semble y lire ce que l’on entend à peine (one seems to read what one hardly hears)
Public art competition, IMT Paris-Saclay
Finalist: 2nd place
Together with Gunnar Green (TheGreenEyl)

Visual renderings and collages of the project (main hall), proposing a sculpture-seat, 22m x 2meters with two woven noise patterns
Visual research from the archives in which the noise of the image becomes programmed noise to be woven on a Jacquard loom