I am looking at sculptures that represent women with closed eyes - either asleep, or blind, perhaps dreaming, oscillating between a state of absence and presence. In those sculptures - mostly made by men - the closed eyes are synonym for muteness, as if the women depicted (mostly in marble) were deprived from speech and consciousness. They were lulled to sleep by their makers. Yet, in their sleep, the sleeping woman reaches an autonomy. The work is alike a walk through alleys of sculptures, creating a visual essay that combines different layers of information connecting literature, art history, and more personal and subjective readings of those images, thus looking at behind those closed eyes. Breaking the usual eroticization of the recurring pattern of the woman asleep, the work intends to draw on the potential autonomy behind the sleep and to look at what she sees in her dreams.

In this further chapter of the work (see page18-19), a film is created using the mechanism and the loop of two slide projector. Alike the flickering of images while falling asleep: one zooms in and out of the images, unable to focus on one image only with both eyes.

one must lull them to sleep to prevent their espaces
160 slides (35mm) shown on two synchronised slide projectors
Dimension: variable

Installation Views:
Württembergische Kunstverein, Stuttgart (2019) Stuttgart