With the temporary setup of several counter-commemorative interventions near the former watchtower at Schlesischer Busch, the project “re.frau anders“ addresses lesbian and feminist activism of the 1980s in East Berlin. Various self-organised women’s groups came together in the 1980s to speak up for different views on women and different societal structures. Between critique of the patriarchy and opposition to the oppressive system, they fought for equality and freedom of speech. They advocated against the militarisation of society, discrimination, homophobia and racism. Until now, the work and stories of women who were active in self-organised and lesbian groups have not thoroughly been studied and investigated. These groups are neither mentioned as key actors in the official historiography, nor sufficiently presented in the public sphere. 4 artists and 4 historians were invited to respond to the absence of those voices in public space and to develop counter-panels.

The starting point of Dominique Hurth‘s artistic intervention for the project “re.frau anders” is the biography and oeuvre of the artist Annemirl Bauer (1939-1989) and the question in which state collections her works (approx. 16,000) can be found today. Bauer‘s paintings often depicted single mothers, women, groups of women and female bodies. Her commitment to a democratic life and her political statement against the GDR regime led to state observation and even a professional ban in the mid-1980s.
A visit to the graphic collection of the Berlinische Galerie, which contains only one hand drawing (year 1966) by Bauer, accompanies and supports a watercolour painted by Hurth, which in turn depicts Annemirl Bauer painting. The depicted painter has been reprinted on fabric, raising questions about the representation of women artists in general and following a feminist strategy of passing on and talking about women role models.

digital print on fabric, stretched on plywood
each 85 x 226,5 cm

Installation views:
re.frau anders, The Watch, Berlin 
July 1st-August 29th 2022

Photos: Dominique Hurth