Produced in a limited edition of 10, each folder within the edition investigates a specific printed materiality (silkscreen, offset, riso and digital printing). The edition comes in a custom-designed archival box, embossed with text, and contains additionally the script for the performance (in English and French), and a text by author Rachel Valinsky on collectivity and séances.

This box is intended for both private and public collections, questioning and reinforcing the notions of care, privacy and accessibility associated with archives and collections – especially in the context of a digital age in which one can theoretically yet not automatically view a document online.

One of Hurth’s key research questions throughout the past year has circled around the question of what gets lost in that moment of digital examination, what can ultimately not be replaced from the original, and what can be done to reinforce real and/or fictional encounters happening in the moment of viewing located materials. The institutions and collections
undertake to become a caretaker of the piece, while Hurth will inform potential readers that the piece is accessible there.

Each printed instance represents a specific printing challenge and can be operated either as prop together with the script, or individually as a material object.

séance de lecture (multiple)
limited edition of 10 + 1 AP
silkscreen, risograph, offset and digital print