Taking as starting points formats of the séance and of the public reading, artist Dominique Hurth will explore with writer Dave Tompkins and designer Vasilis Marmatakis the physical manifestation and performativity of a book through the act of reading and the manipulation of pages. Looking subjectively at Stéphane Mallarmé’s unrealised Book and Herbert Bayer’s exhibition concepts, the dynamic relationship between text and word, the materiality of writing and reading as well as the expansion of images once manipulated, re-read and spoken will be investigated. The polyphony of voices, the disappearance of the author, will thus open up towards a foreword for her own artist’s book language in the darkness of the world through inverse images.

séance de lecture (talks)
public séances
2013 at Künstlerhaus Büchsenhausen (Innsbruck, AT) with Dave Tomplins and Vasilis Marmatakis; Scriptings (Berlin, DE) within “We would lilke to learn and are working on a book”; and 2012 within “Ein Buch bei Nacht - Objekte aus der Bibliothek Andrea Züst” at Corner College (Zürich, CH).