On June 27th, the exhibition foreword (language in the darkness of the world through inverse images) forms the backdrop and setting for a reading by Dominique Hurth on images and their captions.

Focusing on the strobe-like effect of images, pausing during the act of reading and seeing the images while emerging into them, Hurth will propose a subjective narration between histories of technology, fiction, perception and exhibition, in which Rodin’s wife meets von Braun carrying a V-2 rocket on his shoulder like a boom box or Melies’ lunar landscapes.

Her personal voice becomes the mechanism for the model for an exhibition, where the curtain is backdrop to enter a work of a fiction, so as to allow the audience to oscillate between back-stage and on stage.

sixteen frames per second
performance in architectural setting English language
Lenght 45 minutes
Installation View: Künstlerhaus Büchsenhausen, Innsbrzuck (AT), 2013