In an object and a series of print, Dominique Hurth investigates the positioning of a curtain in a space, quoting its haptical manifestation on the basis of her own collection of early staged photographies of séances. She recalls the voice that may intervene and speak behind this object, that functions both as filter, backdrop, division, partition or an element of a décor that is about to open, hide or simulate.

In regards to collective matters, her interest in the object relates to the early delivery of oral teaching. Behind the curtain, the one who owned knowledge would speak while the audience would hear a sound without knowing its cause and become simple passive listeners. This brings the viewer back to the séance and to the exhibition space, both controlled environments, in which things may or not be attributed a voice.

someone in the rear of the hall
1 curtain (cotton and iron) 2,50 x 2m
4 digital prints, each DIN A1
Installation Views:
Tiroler Kunstpavillon, Innsbruck (AT)