“Just think pink, and you’ll be fine.”
In a new installation that brings together copper and textiles elements, a cardboard model and written words, Dominique Hurth investigates the original purpose of Joy Forum’s architecture and offers her own cultural history of the scale model. Per se feminist and polyphonic, she offers three movements within, about and through architecture, where the scale model overlays and merges with the voices and the inventions of Josephine Cochrane, Frances Gabe, Margarete Schütte-Lihotsky and the Barbie doll. The architecture encounters the dollhouse, the dreamhouse, the fully equipped kitchen, the dishwasher and the self-cleaning house and looks back at the tension between the model and the role model and the emancipatory potential that architecture contains.

the model, the dollhouse, the self-cleaning house 2018
print on shower curtains, print on newspaper, copper, cardboard model, aluminium cast of a sprinkler, photocopied watercolors, ropes
Installation views: Joy Forum, Bergen (NO), 2018