The problem of serial order in behavior is an installation recorded by a video camera, and focuses on how the images (and the frame of the camera) move the objects. The installation itself subjectively quotes the ‘visual cliff apparatus’ from the late 1950s: a classic paradigm in science with sensational and memorable images.

The apparatus was supposedly put together with found objects during a party. Dealing with three-dimensional and depth perception, it focuses on an instance of social conditioning where the voice (in the case of the experiment: that of an infant’s mother) becomes the internal voice that cannot be silenced. The green screen in the film emphasizes the graphical perception and visual trick of the abstracted installation.

The film contains two takes, one without any textual information, a second identical take with textual information (as a voice over) that references exercises in depth perception.
the problem of serial order in behavior
filmed installation with voice over (English; Voice: Catrione Shaw)
10 minutes

Work exhibited at:
Salon am Moritzplatz, Berlin (DE), 2015
Haeler Echo, New York (USA), 2015