When words are best not given to the grids investigate the history of telecommunication and speech operated through signals.
Machines becomes bodies, bodies become voices, and all become protagnosists or what Hurth calls measures: with each moving and returning in a high-definition images and one video. Hurth brings history of technology and alternative history science-fiction book together, such as Pavane by Keith Robert, while investigating further the performativity of objects.
The pink screen refers to the so called pink screen of death, a pheomenon observed on computer screen when the graphical card becomes obsolete and the graphical information cannot be transmitted any longer.
The first sentence transmitted by an optical telegraph is choreographed and performed (Chappe, 1791). The sentence says “l’assemblée nationale récompensera les expériences utiles au public” (the parlament will reward experiences useful to the audience).

when words are best not given to the grids
(measures 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6)
wood, clay, performer; dimension variable